Mother Dairy Franchise

If you are planning to Start a business but don’t want to invest more than you are at the right place. Today, Here we will share to Start a Mother Dairy Franchise as this is one franchise you have to invest around 5-10 lakhs not much you have to invest. If you want to start a franchise regarding dairy products then Mother Dairy is the best option.

Mother Dairy is one of India’s most popular dairy companies. It was started in the year 1974. The Mother Dairy is certified by ISO 9001:2008 (QMS), ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS) and ISO 14001:2004 (EMS) by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Mother Dairy is the largest franchise network in the agro-industry of India. About 3.2 million litres of milk is marketed by Mother Dairy in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Saurashtra etc.

Mother Dairy Distributorship

Mother Dairy is one of the most renowned dairy brands in India. Along these lines, as a franchise, you work with an organization that has great brand value. To start a Mother Dairy Distributorship, you don’t need a huge cost for foundation or startup investment. You can start the business with a little startup cost. It makes the brand an easy establishment.

One of the pioneers of the White Revolution, Mother Dairy has created a place for itself in the dairy industry. It has been transforming the lives of rural dairy farmers through its work. The company ensures that all its customers get fresh produce. Over the years the customers have become a part of the ever-growing Mother dairy family.

Mother Dairy Dealership | Mother Dairy Milk Franchise

Mother Dairy Dealership is offering franchise opportunities Pan India for Mother Dairy Milk Franchise. The brand has expanded in North, South, East, and West India providing milk and milk products to many households. Consequently, the area isn’t an issue in applying for the Mother Dairy in your general location. If You are looking for Distributorship of Mother Dairy Dealership and Need Experts Guidelines or Consultancy for How to Start Mother Dairy Milk Franchise in India.

The company not only supplies milk but now it also produces various milk products. The company makes cheese in different packaging styles. They supply curd in various flavors. They also produce paneer. Mother Dairy is not just limited to one product. The company also makes ice cream and butter. So, you will also start Mother Dairy Ice Cream Distributorship in India at any location.

Mother Dairy Distributorship Margin

When one is wondering whether or not to invest in Mother Dairy, it has to be said that the Margin of Mother Dairy Distributorship is very high. Within the very first year of operations, a 30 per cent return on investment can be expected and it will take a franchisee about 2 years to reach the break-even stage. A person who wants to invest in a Mother Dairy Franchise can earn a profit of around 45,000 rupees a month. Mother Dairy provides sufficient support system to their franchise or dealers. The support system includes online and offline training, assistance from head office to open franchise, field assistance etc.

Mother Dairy Franchise Cost

An investment of INR 5 lakh to INR 10 lakh is required to open a Mother Dairy Franchise Cost. If you apply for multiple units then an investment of INR 1 crore to INR 2 crore is needed. The investment is INR 2 crore to INR 5 crore for outlets in a particular region. The cost to open outlets in various parts of a state will be above INR 5 crores. INR 50000 is the brand fees and minimum requirement is that you need to have an area of 500 sq ft in order to start the unit and the area should be available in the residential area on the ground floor in order to get maximum profit. The company does not charge any royalty fees. The company provides the setup for the milk vending machine (token milk).

Mother Dairy Franchise Contact No

The company signs a standard franchise agreement. The franchise contract has lifetime validity. There is no need to go through a bundle of paperwork every few years for renewal. Being a profitable Mother Dairy Franchise business with low investment, the demand for Mother Dairy franchise is too high. You can apply online here we will give you all basic details about Mother Dairy Franchise Contact No. Here we will share what document to take for Mother Dairy Franchise Apply:

  • You must have an ID proof like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card which will have to be given.
  • Address proof will also be given such as Ration card, copy of electricity bill.
  • Bank account details are required.
  • Your photograph, email id, phone number is necessary.
  • Documents of the property are also required.
  • Lease agreement will be given.
  • NOC certificate is required.

If you have taken franchise from the Mother Dairy then you can easily get training and support from the franchisor. The company is offering franchise opportunities in Pan India. Hence, location is not a problem in applying for the Mother Dairy franchise in your area. For any queries regarding the Mother Dairy Franchise you can contact us.